What is the weather going to be like for Halloween? This year, Halloween 2023 is NOT IDEAL.

If you plan on going out with the kids trick or treating next Tuesday, you are going to want to bundle up. The high temperature is a mere 42 degrees on Tuesday, but the chance of rain, at the time of posting, is only a threat on Halloween morning. It's going to be cold, but at least it is going to be dry outside so bundle up!

If you are still looking for your trick or treating times, we have you covered with a full list of trick or treating times from Niagara Falls to Jamestown. There is also a ton of different trunk or treat times and dates leading up to Halloween--some indoor options, too! Click on the link below.

What is the strangest thing that you have gotten from someone's house on Halloween when you were a kid? We used to get people all of the time on our street who used to give a bag of pennies.

Do you know this tradition that used to happen in Buffalo? There was a time when you would sometimes get a potato from a house when you went trick or treating. When you were one that received a potato, that meant the person giving it loved your costume! Who knew! What was one of the strangest things you have ever gotten while going trick or treating?

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