This wedding trend has become increasingly popular over the last year, and many Western New Yorkers are jumping on it because it actually helps you get money. 

A financial website, called SmartAsset, analyzed the cost of weddings in various cities across the country, and the findings for upstate New York were kind of worrisome. 

The Buffalo-Cheektowaga area made SmartAsset’s list of 10 Places In 2023 Where It’s More Expensive To Get Married Than Put A Down Payment On A Home, and according to their research, the average cost of a wedding in the Buffalo area costs $32,394.  

So you need all the help you can get. 

What Is The Trend?

The maid of honor is sharing the bride’s Venmo handle (on the back of cars, using QR codes, etc.) so people can buy the bride a drink as they celebrate her bachelorette party. 

Basically, you are crowdsourcing your drinks for the weekend, and it actually has proven to be pretty successful! 

People have even gone as far as making a bumper sticker with their Venmo handle on it, or even using window chalk art to write on the back window of a car. 

How Much Do You Typically Make Doing The Trend?

LeeAnn called us on WYRK from Buffalo, New York and she said a group of girls threw a bachelorette party in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the bride ended up snagging a little more than $600 for the party! It helped alleviate the cost of the trip, making it significantly cheaper for the bride to have her last fling before the ring.

Another bride-to-be shared her success with the trend, revealing in a viral TikTok that she ended up receiving over $3,000 for her bachelorette weekend!

I mean, what do you have to lose, right?? The worst that can happen is someone ignores your handle, but there may be someone out there with a giving heart that wants to help someone on their special day. 

Best of luck, and enjoy your final flamingle. ;) 

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