You're going to want to be careful if you see these holes in your yard.  They could create a bigger problem for your pets!

Have you ever seen little holes like this in your yard in New York?

(YouTube via Helpful DIY)
(YouTube via Helpful DIY)

They are a tell-tale sign that there is something visiting your property at night and you might not want your dog to meet up with it.

Those holes are normally created by a skunk!

If you find that your lawn is covered in holes with yellowed grass surrounding them, you could be getting nightly visits from a skunk.  It's one of the most common ways to know that there's a skunk using your backyard as their own buffet.

Considering the fact that skunks are nocturnal, you will rarely see them.  They come out at night.

Why do skunks create holes in your yard?

The holes are created when a skunk sticks its nose in the ground to search for grubs. It's what they eat. They will burrow their noses into the turf and then push the sod away.  Because the sod is separated from the soil, the grass will become yellow and die.  What's left is a bunch of holes with dead grass.

How can you keep skunks from coming to your yard?

If you want to avoid skunks eating in your backyard, take away their food.  If you treat your yard for grubs, and they have nothing to eat, they will normally go to another place for their food source.  There are all kinds of grub-killer products on the market.

Will skunks hurt you?

Not normally.  Again, they are nocturnal animals, so the chance that you'll ever come into contact with them is low (not zero...but low) but they will spray you with a spray that is very difficult to get rid of.

It's even worse for your pets.  Be careful letting your pets out at night if you see these holes in your yard during the day.  More often than not, dogs that attack skunks will come back with a mouth that is foaming and a smell that you do not want in your house!

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