If you are in the medical field and are looking for a new career or opportunity, there is one waiting for you right now!

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According to reports, WellNow is looking to hire 75 people immediately for its Western New York locations. There are 11 WellNow facilities in Erie County alone and plans are in the works to open a 12th in Springville next Wednesday.

This is great news in a year that has it's ups and downs for employment. My guess is that the rise in COVID-19 and the fact that people are looking for quick and convenient emergency care that is safe and close to home has sparked the popularity of places like WellNow.

There are thousands of people in the Western New York area that are in need of work and this is a great chance for a new job. We basically started the new year with a trip to an urgent care type of facility. Our two year old fell and bumped his head and needed some stitches. We were treated great and he was in and out with minimal tears! It was a good experience and close to home!

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