We're just about into the month of July, which means that we are fully into what many Buffalonians call "construction season."

Most of that construction is usually roadwork and after the brutal lake effect snow that Western New York had to deal with, there are a lot of roads that need improved.

However, there are a lot of new businesses being built in Western New York. Whether that means new businesses altogether, or simply new additions for pre-existing businesses.

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We've already seen tons of restaurants that have opened up across Western New York since last year, and while we don't know what this new building is, it has left many motorists intrigued as they drive down Union Road in West Seneca.

This construction has been going on for the last few months, with a new structure finally being built into the sky. What exactly is it though?

It's at the corner of Union and Center roads.

It looks like it'll be some sort of office building, judging by the multiple floors and staircase that is on the backside of the structure.

Does anyone know what this will be?

This entire stretch of Union is prime real estate. It's down the road from the I-400 entrance and there are many successful businesses here.

Mooney's, Schwabl's, Nick Charlap's, LT's Pizza, etc. It gets very busy on this stretch of Union, especially during morning and afternoon drive time.

Perhaps this new building gets finished by the end of the summer but it's hard to tell for sure.

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