Many residents in the Hamburg area were asking about what was happening on Monday night as firetrucks were headed to a call. Sirens could be heard throughout the village and town as crews responded to a garage fire.

It is that time of the year to check those smoke alarms and smoke and C/O detectors. When we set the clocks back, we are reminded to check the batteries and makes sure the alarms are working. It is also a good time to review or make a plan for the family if a fire should break out in your home or apartment.

There seemed to be a quick and large response to this call and the post on The Southtowns Scanner Facebook shows the teams working to extinguish the blaze.

At 1842hrs Quint 6 and the FAST Team were requested mutual aid to Hamburg Volunteer Fire Department for a structure fire. Quint 6 crew arrived on scene and assumed 1st due truck responsibilities, while Rescue 3 assumed the FAST responsibilities. Crews were on scene for just over an hour before being placed back into service.

Firefighters across Western New York have been busy this week and the strong winds that we had early in the week certainly did not help.

This is also the time of the year that we think about having fires and using our fireplaces and wood stoves. Make sure that the chimney is clear and clean and it may be a good idea to have a professional check the entire system for safety.

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