When the fall arrives, the deer in the area get very active. In fact, this time of the year there are more car-deer accidents that take place in New York State than any other time of the year. The old statement is true, "when there is one, there are more".

The deer are also finding their way in to places that are not there typical stomping grounds. When the "rut" (mating season) arrives, there is no telling what might happen when the whitetail deer are chasing one another.

But this week, firefighters in Elma, New York were faced with freeing a trapped deer in their district. Although the deer was a little shook up, it looks like it was able to get away without any major harm.

The deer was in some sort of hole and when the rescue happens, those in attendance were very happy to see the deer make it out safely. However, the deer makes some sort of scary noise! The sound actually gives you a chill but as someone noted, it was OK. I have been hunting deer and an avid fan of the outdoors for years and have never heard that sound.

Great job and congratulations to the Elma Fire Department and first responders on a job well done!

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