When you decide to stop for fast food in Western New York, it’s usually because you are pressed for time.

However, that doesn’t mean that you want the food order to be sloppy — to the point that a random item is found hiding in your food. 

Wayne, a grandfather in Western New York, stopped at a McDonald’s for his grandson, but the experience did not have them “lovin’ it.

After arriving home, the grandfather’s wife was looking through the bag, and she found an old thumbtack (appearing to be rusty on the surface) pushed into one of the fries.

While this Western New York grandfather was pretty understanding about mistakes happening on accident, he didn’t feel comfortable sharing those fries with his grandson. So he drove back to the McDonald’s, located at 6369 Transit Rd in Depew.

When Wayne arrived to the McDonalds again to speak with a manager, he alleges that he was told that the fries “didn’t come from my store.” Eventually, the manager replaced the fries for him, but still said it didn’t come from that location. 

It’s a good reminder to pay attention to what’s in your food. One time, my brother and I went to a Wendy’s, and he found a zipper in his fries. It looked like it fell off from someone’s pants.

And if you ever have a situation where someone tells you it “didn’t come from here,” most receipts usually print the address on the top to show the business that you purchased it from. 

In a post on Facebook, Wayne said that he notified McDonald’s corporate of the situation.

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