For Christians, today begins the period of reflection and self-denial in preparation for Easter we call Lent.

Typically it means giving up something we enjoy, kind of a test of willpower and dedication in a spiritual cleansing of the body and mind.

What do people typically give up for Lent?

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    Usually it’s dessert but some people dive right in and give up anything with sugar.  Now that’s dedication.


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    For a lot of people another one that takes a lot of willpower is giving up alcohol – beer, wine, liquor.  Some people are lucky to get thru one weekend.

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    Fast Food

    Burgers, tacos, pizza is probably on the list.  Any restaurant with a drive-thru is fast food.  Giving up fast food teaches you to slow down and cook at home.

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    Giving up TV gives you more time for other things like projects you’ve been putting off since Lent last year or reading a good book.

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    Social Media or Facebook

    Giving up social media gives you more time for other things, like actually visiting your Facebook friends.

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    Shopping as in doing less of it.  It’s mentioned mostly by women.

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    Lent can also be a time for doing something you usually don’t do – like getting your debts in order.  You can start doing that by shopping less.  Spending less than you make is always a good idea.

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    Getting more sleep – spending less time on Facebook, watching less TV and doing less shopping can give you more time to sleep.

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    Dedicating more of your free time for loved ones – your spouse or significant other, children, other relatives, close friends.