Imagine if we could just come up with a solution to have concerts again. The closest thing we can get to right now is a drive in pre-taped concert and tailgate outside of our cars socially distanced or a few small venues in Western New York have live music....but you have to be seated.

Take a look at what was happening over in the United Kingdom, because this is as good as it gets. Not only are you socially distanced with your friends, BUT nobody can come and intrude in your space. You know what I'm talking about: you are trying to social distance, but there are other people who aren't and get too close and want to hang or hug or say hi and you just don't want that at all. Well, no worries because you are on a high-rise with your friends that you have stairs to reach, so nobody can come in your area. Each high-rise looks like the camera platforms that you see during NFL games or something.

Granger Smith did something like this and it was probably the closest thing to a socially distanced concert that you can get, but it was on blankets and people were walking on each other's stuff, which consequently made people not social distancing.

You can get off the high-rise, get beer, go to the bathroom and walk by other high-rises and you won't be in your space. Though, just because these things are 'high risers', it doesn't mean we still won't have arguments about people standing in front of you LOL

According to the Facebook post, check out how it went down!

The UK's first socially distanced gig happened in Newcastle last night.

500 separate raised metal platforms, each accommodating up to five people from the same family/household. Hand sanitizer station and mini fridge included. Singing allowed too!

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