Is it an eye or a horn? Or both?

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The Buffalo Bills logo has gone through several manifestations throughout the team's 60 -year history. The current logo is the one you're thinking about --  the charging blue buffalo, red stripe and white horn/eye.

Before we begin the debate on the horn/eye, can we talk about the stripe? I thought it was a blood smear left after goreing its enemies, but Clay thought it was a light streak coming from its eye, which to be honest makes more sense and is less gruesome, though I'm partial to my interpretation. Speed lines? Lasers? Probably lasers.

Now, is the white part of the logo an eye or a horn? I thought it best to defer to the experts, and who better than current Bills QB Josh Allen. In case you forgot, here's Josh's drawing of the logo, in which he clarifies the horn/eye issue.

Clearly it's a horn, and the eyes and smile are totally separate.

If you aren't satisfied with that answer, how about a compromise? One Reddit user claims it's both an eye and a horn, and provides color-blocked evidence to illustrate the borders of both.

Credit: Imgur
Credit: Imgur

The eyes and horns of the buffalo (bison, technically) are visible and distinct (and zoologically realistic) up until the red primary logo used in in 1970, in which case only the eye is distinct.

The Buffalo Bills adopted the "Charging Buffalo" on April 5, 1974.

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