I’ve said this before – the human body is an incredible machine. It’s amazing how efficiently it works and when some things break down it has the ability to fix itself.

One of the keys to operation of the body is the heart. It beats about 101-thousand times a day, about 3-billion times in a lifetime and over that time it’ll pump 800-million pints of blood.

You breath about 23-thousand times a day. On average people can hold their breath for as a long as a minute. The world record for holding your breath is 21 minutes, 29 seconds by a guy by the name of David Merlini.

If the amount of water in your body decreases by 1%, you’ll feel thirsty. In your lifetime you’ll drink about 20-thousand gallons of water. If you live to 80 and you drink a gallon of water a day – it would be closer to 30-thousand gallons.

Of the 118 known elements, the human body has 24 of them. The largest concentration of the elements is oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorous.

What’s the fastest muscle in the body? The muscle that controls blinking. It allows you to blink five times in a second. You blink about 15-thousand times a day. Women blink more often than men.