The last couple of dry days that we have had (the few that we have had) it is everywhere.That snow like stuff that is floating in just about every neighborhood in Western New it pollen? Is it cotton? It's neither.I have the worst allergies early in the spring and this year was no exception. However, when the little clouds are floating around these days in my yard in East Aurora, no sneezing from me. If you are finding that you are sneezing and coughing more these days, it could be a grass allergy, not a pollen allergy.

Truth be told, it really is not snow or cotton to be specific. The floating clouds you see piling up in your yard, on your screens and in your car or truck is actually from Poplar Trees.

I use my leaf blower to get rid of the piles around my yard. I heard from a lady yesterday that said the worst part is when you hae tanning oil on and it sticks to your skin!!