It starts when they're babies. When you're a dad and your kid comes to you crying over a broken toy, you'll do just about anything to get it fixed for them. I can't tell you how many times my kids have been blown away that Daddy could fix just about anything.

I think as guys we are wired to do just that. If we see a problem, we take it upon ourselves to fix it. But according to a new study from Britain, people don't stop leaning on dad to fix stuff for a long time.

The survey says that the average person relies on their dad for help until age 41. We count on dad for everything from fixing leaky pipes to building walls. And guys are just as likely to call dear ol' Dad when they need help as girls are.

The top 10 jobs we need dad for:

  • Anything involving power tools
  • Fixing the heat
  • Fixing the toilet
  • Fixing a leaky pipe
  • Building a wall
  • Fixing a faucet that drips
  • Changing a fuse
  • Building a patio
  • Installing a kitchen
  • Putting up a fence.

(Daily Mail)

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