In the years since Buffalo's glory days, heavy industry has been replaced with financial services, medical research, technology and education.  And Buffalo has seen slight growth over the past few years, although its been ever so slight.

The financial research website WalletHub has released their findings on the country's fastest growing cities and Buffalo does appear on it, but it is well down the list.  WalletHub compared 515 cities of varying size based on 15 factors comparing growth and decline over a period of seven years.

Among the things they looked at were job growth, unemployment, increases in the number of businesses and new business start-ups, household income, home prices and property foreclosures to name a few.

When all of those factors were crunched together Buffalo came out at #468 on that list of 515 cities.  It came out slightly ahead of Syracuse and Rochester, NY, Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio and even Tucson, Arizona.

Four cities in Texas were in the Top-10 fastest growing cities.  Here is the complete WalletHub report:

Source: WalletHub

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