Just like Christmas 2020 brought us the hot chocolate bomb, this Valentine's Day is the year of the smash heart.

You can find them around a few places in Western New York, and here's why they're so cool.

It's a hollow chocolate heart that comes with a tiny mallet. The recipient smashes the heart to reveal more treats inside.

Here's where to find them around Western New York:

1. Sweet Jenny's, Williamsville

2. Park Edge Sweet Shoppe, Buffalo

3. Frosted By Shan, online

4. Chrusciki Bakery, Clarence

5. Nikki's Chocolates, Buffalo

If you're feeling crafty and want to try to make one of these on your own, here's how a smash heart is put together.

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To make one you'll need a geometric heart mold.

Then, you're basically creating a heart "case" to hold the treats. Fill half of the heart with candies of your choice, and then use a little melted chocolate in a piping bag to "glue" the two sides together.

For a detailed video, check this out.


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