I have to be honest...when I'm thousands of feet in the air, the last thing I'm thinking of is food or the quality of food being served.  Most of my trips are short enough that the meal consists of peanuts, a beverage and trail mix...or whatever they hand out now.  OK, maybe an alcoholic beverage or 5.  But that's just me!  If you are one who eats full meals while traveling the friendly skies, here is a list of the airlines that pay most attention to in-flight food.

This survey was done by a team at the City University of New York.

1. Virgin Airlines came out on top.  Survey says that Virgin serves the most nutritious food to its customers.  The healthy/lo-cal options are all less than 450 calories!

2. Air Canada

3. Alaska Airlines

United, American Airlines, Delta and U.S. Air all ranked in the middle of the pack.  (12 airlines rated)

As far as the worst of the bunch- Allegiant Air!  Why?  Well, those who took part in the survey felt that their snacks were unhealthy and the options were limited.

Southwest was on the low end of the survey because mixed nuts and Wheat Thins (typically served on Southwest) are not that healthy!


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