CBS' next season of 'The Amazing Race' has quite a slew of participants, from a pro wrestling couple to food scientists and urban bike racers. But our bet is on 'Survivor' alumni and country music singer Whitney Duncan.

'The Amazing Race' began its milestone 25th worldwide trip on May 31, kicking off in New York City's Time Square. Duncan will be competing alongside her fiance and fellow former 'Survivor' contestant, Keith Tollefson, whom she met during 'Survivor: South Pacific' filming. Their relationship caused some waves, because Duncan was still married when her relationship with Tollefson began brewing.

The Emmy-winning reality series pits 11 teams (two members each) against each other as they trek around the world for approximately 25 days. At each destination or 'pit stop,' the teams need to compete in physical and mental challenges, and when the task is completed, they learn about their next destination. Previous challenges include diving into an ice river in South Korea and swimming under the ice to an exit hole, biting into 11,000 chocolates to find the one with the white center, drinking a goblet of pigs blood in Hungary, eating a bowl of fish eyes in China and swimming down an Australian river infested with spiders and poisonous plants.

Duncan's experience on 'Survivor' may have been a good prep for the challenges she'll face on 'The Amazing Race.' Although she probably didn't eat a bowl of fish eyes, she did need physical and mental strength to survive in the South Pacific. "I’m smart, physically fit and not afraid of anything," the singer said previously. "I’m extremely competitive and love to win."

The new season of 'The Amazing Race' will premiere Oct. 30 on CBS at 8PM ET.

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