If you love pizza, you are in luck! February 9th is known as National Pizza Day! Yes, we have the best pizza right here in Western New York. But there is a chance for you to win a year's supply from a popular national brand.

Domino's Pizza want to give one person free pizza for a year and it really won't mean a good deal of work or effort for you to be a part of the action.

I really only eat Domino's if we are out of town for work or for a vacation. There seems to be a Domino's in just about every city that will deliver to hotel rooms. It makes for a great late-night snack.

But after living in Western New York for 43 years, I have been spoiled by the incredible pizza we have here. I am partial to a few around the Hamburg-Boston area but if we are in the city, Casa Di Pizza is always a go to as well as Bocce.

This week there will be a surge on heart shaped pizza as Valentine's Day is this Sunday and with the COVID pandemic still in place, more an more couples will stay at home and order delivery!

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