The only thing that is consistent about the weather in New York State is that it is anything but. One week it is dry and mild and the next snow and rain and wind!

The winter has officially ended here in New York State and for some, the weather in March is the worst! In March we go from mud to pollen before we get to the sunny and warm days. But before we get there, we are going to deal with high winds.

The last weekend of March 2023 will go out like a lion, not a lamb. The National Weather Service out of Buffalo, New York is calling for some strong winds across the Empire State this weekend.

The winds are bad enough as some may be dealing with power outages. However, because it is so wet, there may be some trees that pop out of the ground. Pine trees are especially vulnerable to the wind and rain.

The summer can't get here soon enough. The list of great outdoor concerts and events is still growing and we are blessed to have some amazing talent coming through. If the weather cooperates, this could be the best concert season since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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