This time of the year (late October, early November), is when we really see some temperature swings and inconsistency in regards to our weather here in Western New York.

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It got up into the low-50's on Wednesday but that's going to change.

According to WGRZ Weather Thursday into Friday morning will see rain showers from the remnants of Hurricane Zeta, especially the further south and inland of Buffalo. There could also be snow showers for parts of Western New York well inland, towards the southern tier, but only flurries at the most for the metro.

However, brace yourself for Monday, because it's going to feel like a winter day.

WGRZ reports that rain and wind moves in to Western New York Sunday afternoon, then snow comes in by Monday with a northwest wind as the temperatures drop. The highs will be in the 30's.

"A classic early-winter-like front"...oh boy.

No accumulations just yet, since this is still a couple days off but it's sure looking like our first real snowfall will be on November 2nd.

Early season snow is much more fun that January or February snow -- by then, I'm so over it.

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