Nelson Myers said that when he was on his morning walk just around 5 a.m. he heard what sounded like a little child crying. Sure enough when he got closer ‘Help, Help’ became more clear as there was a child barley dressed under a playground slide. The scary part is how the little girl was taken….


A 5-year-old girl was taken Monday from a Philadelphia elementary school and was found early Tuesday morning by Myers.

“When I saw her under the slide I was shocked,” he said. “She was there by herself and only had a shirt on”, according to FOX news.

“Five-year-old's don’t escape. Someone put her at that playground,” said Capt. John Darby, Commanding Officer of Special Victims..

Ready for the scary part? A woman wearing a Muslim-style head wrap with her face covered walked into the school ‘signed in’ and claimed that she was the child’s mother. According to the police she wanted to take her ‘daughter’ out for breakfast and the school released her. (I know, I know I’m asking the same questions you are right now—Why would the school let her leave for breakfast anyway? Why does the school not check identification?) The unknown woman then proceeded to the child’s classroom and asked for the girl by name.

It can’t be a random act than. Hopefully, in the upcoming days they can get some answers from the little girl.

“After the girl disappeared Monday, Pennsylvania State Police sent out an Amber Alert and police announced a $10,000 reward. Law enforcement and Mayor Michael Nutter turned to social networking sites Twitter and Facebook to ask for the public’s help”.

“It’s disturbing that an adult is able to walk into a classroom and have the teacher release the child without knowing who the adult is,” said Fernando Gallard, School District of Philadelphia spokesman.

Yeah…no kidding……