When you meet a Western New Yorker, there are some things you simply should not say. For example, nobody wants to hear about Tom Brady…ever, but there are some other words that would be wise to avoid. 

Merriam-Webster just announced their 2022 Word Of The Year, and some people were shocked by the results and how it came about. 

The 2022 Word of the Year is gaslighting, which is “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone especially for one’s advantage.” According to Merriam-Webster, the word saw a 1740% increase in usage this year, and you’ve probably seen a dozen memes a week using the word.

It’s a word that yes, may be used more often nowadays, but it’s one of those words that make your skin crawl just a bit. 

There’s a few other words that hold the same kind of effect in Western New York, and maybe after some further consideration, they should be banned. 

Take a look at the 13 most hated words in Western New York. 

13 Words That Should Be Banned In Buffalo, New York

We asked, you answered...after Merriam-Webster announced their 2022 Word Of The Year as "gaslighting," we wanted to know if there were any words that you believed should be banned in Buffalo, New York, and well...there's a few.

I think we can all agree that cancer is a word that nobody wants to hear, regardless of where you go, and hopefully there comes a day when cancer no longer seems like a death sentence, but rather a day where we have a cure for it. 

But as we brave this winter season, try not to get triggered by this year’s accumulated snow. 

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