Usually, when you hear the phrase “world record” associated with snow, it’s not a good thing. But this time, it is - promise!

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Remember how much fun it was to play outside in the snow when you were a kid? Building snowmen and forts, sledding, and, as long as you didn’t get too aggressive, snowball fights? Ahh, memories.

Adulting usually means we have to trade in our winter playtime for the not-so-fun stuff like snow-blowing and shoveling. When there’s a snow day, we don’t get to spend a full day jumping into snowbanks anymore; now, we’ve got to navigate slick and icy roads to make it on time to our 9 to 5.

One Western New York organization, the Pirate Toy Fund, wants to bring the good times back - and maybe even break a world record in the process. 

The Guinness World Record for the largest snowball fight ever took place in the Canadian city of Saskatoon in 2016 and featured over 7,500 participants. The Pirate Toy Fund wants to break that record this year by hosting the World’s Largest Snowball Fight on February 18th in Chili, New York (just outside of Rochester). 

Can you imagine? Close to 8,000 people chucking snowballs at each other? It sounds insane (insanely fun, though)! Thousands of snowballs being hurled through the air all at once sounds like something you’ve gotta see to believe. 

They’re not trying to pull off an epic snow battle just for bragging rights, though. The event will benefit the Pirate Toy Fund’s initiative of distributing new toys year-round to children in need. 

You can register for the fight and get more details here

Winter’s not going away here in Western New York anytime soon - so why not have some fun with it?

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