It’s that time of year when our favorite furry animals make their presence very known in Western New York -- KIDDING.

Kidding, of course. 

Typically, you will see more mice, rats, and other rodents between the months of April and June because of seasonal breeding. The more mild a winter is, the more rats survive the cold months, which leads to an even higher number of rats in the area. 

In the summer, you will see rats more often than you would during the rest of the year because they are constantly looking for food in preparation for the colder, winter months. 

Rats are pretty common around Buffalo, New York (I tend to call them “Buffalo Rats” for this reason, as they are not the same size as New York City rats). However, there are a few reasons why you might find rats in some places more than others. 

Rats will seek out food and shelter, which they can find in piles of trash and food waste. If you don’t clean as much as you maybe should, rats may frequent your area more than others. 

And sometimes, it may not be your fault that rats are coming around your home but rather your neighbor’s. 

Renee Wiley, who lives on Dorris Avenue, has been dealing with rats within feet of her home for the last two years, and she is absolutely fed up. Garbage bins are continually left outside by her neighbors, leaving the door (or lid) open for rats to climb in and make a home.

Surely, Dorris Avenue is not the only place that has a rat problem in Western New York.

Take a look at some of the worst streets for rats in Buffalo, New York. 

  1. Union Rd.

  2. Williams St.

  3. Sweet Home Rd.

  4. Downtown Main St. (by the train platform)

  5. Richmond Ave. (through Elmwood)

  6. Delaware Ave. (walking out of the County Jail)

  7. Niagara Falls Blvd. (near Taco Bell)

  8. Madison Ave. (in Batavia)

  9. Spruce St. (North Tonawanda)

  10. Pomona Pl. 

There are so many other streets where Western New Yorkers have seen rats, but by far, these 10 roads are the most common places you will have a rat sighting. 

If you know of any others, you can let us know on the Facebook post below. 

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