Taco Bell has people talking about an upcoming marketing campaign and it's one that's not happening far from us in Buffalo.

How much nacho cheese is enough?  Is an unlimited amount enough?  How much would you pay for it?  Is free good?

Because that's what Taco Bell is offering in a new billboard that will be planted in Toronto on the 19th.  Free, unlimited nacho cheese...

Now you should be aware that they aren't going to provide you with anything to put the cheese on, but again...it's free.

“Kicking off the year with a Nacho cheese-dispensing billboard means that 2019 will be as crazy as ever for us,” Taco Bell spokesperson Veronica Castillo said in a media release. “Plus, our fans know it’s impossible to deny the appeal of warm, gooey, zesty nacho cheese, and we couldn’t agree more.”

So where will you find it if you take the drive?  According to the Toronto Sun, on Jan. 19 between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., on a first come, first serve basis you'll find it at 482 Queen Street West – right next to the city’s main Taco Bell location.


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