I wouldn't consider myself a fashionable guy.  I don't really even go to the store unless my wife is with me.  But I would guess that this isn't a trend that is going to catch on.

They're called "Redneck Boot Sandals" and they were inspired after the CEO, Scotty Franklin was sitting on the beach and saw a guy wearing a pair of cowboy boots.  Yes...on the beach.

If you own cowboy boots, you know they do just about everything with you.  They're your work boots, your play boots, and everything in between.  Now, sometimes you might have a pair for work, and a different pair for play, but let's not get too far off topic.

So Scotty sees this guy on the beach, looks down at his own flip flops and wonders if he could cut out his boots and make them into flip flops for the ultimate combination.

And Redneck Boot Sandals were born.  They're boots with the top cut out.  They're business on the top and a beach party on the bottom.

The question is...would YOU wear them?


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Brett Alan (Photo by Liz Mantel)
Brett Alan (Photo by Liz Mantel)

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