This is probably the worst lose-your-cool moment. Browns' DE Myles Garrett got to Steelers QB Myles Rudolph and after hitting the ground Garrett ripped off Rudolph's helmet and then hit him in the head with it.

Of course, that caused other Steelers to come to the aid of their quarterback.  Steelers Maurkice Pouncy punches Garrett in the helmet and when he was on the ground start kicking him.

Right nearby Rudolph is standing watching the incident, still with no helmet on where he gets completely blind sided by Browns' Larry Ogunjobi. You can expect all involved minus Rudolph will be suspended.

Some people are arguing, 'well, Rudolph looks like he was trying to take Myles' helmet off' or 'what was he doing that provoked that'?

Who cares. You are professional football player that makes a ton of money and if you cannot keep your composure on the field and get to the point you take someone else's helmet off and take a swing at them, you don't belong playing the game.

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