Tone can be difficult to read when it comes to texts or social media posts, but one thing that has been seemingly undisputed: when someone types in caps, it looks like a printed scream. 

Granted, it could be an excited or enthusiastic yelling, but other times, capital letters can indicate that someone is angry. 

And if you noticed that everyone seems to be using caps lock yesterday, you may be wondering why

All for good reason, we promise. 

Why Were People Posting In Caps Lock?

Wednesday, June 28 is known as International Caps Lock Day (or should I type…INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY?). This year marks 23 years of celebration, thanks to the day’s founder – Derek Arnold of Iowa. Arnold is a software developer in Iowa, and he thought it would be a good idea to adopt INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY as a parody – to poke fun at people who write in caps when it’s not necessary.   

The day was originally celebrated on October 22, but after Billy Mays, also known as “Infomercial King” passed away on June 28, 2009, the day became adopted to be celebrated in June as well. At one point, because Mays always seemed he was yelling when he talked about a product…which we loved about him!

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