An interesting debate we have been having since Val went to the Sabres game last night.

She was in the 300's and tons of kids were in their section (the 300's have been filled more than the 100's lately at Sabres game since they've been not-so-good) and the guy in the row below her was swearing up a storm. Obviously, the Sabres have not been great and the tension has been high in Key Bank Center.

  • Val had her 3 kids with her.
  • Man and his friend in front were swearing
  • Val said she asked ONCE to stop swearing.
  • They continued.
  • Should she have called security?

Maybe Val shouldn't go to games knowing the risks of what happens at sporting events with alcohol involved? Maybe Val is the person who sits at concerts and tells people who stands in front of her to sit down. Everyone's a paying customer and with the current climate of the Sabres, can we blame this guy?

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