Concerns over coronavirus have limited what birthday parties entail in 2020. No blowing out candles, no big parties at the typical fun centers.

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Behold, the return of the home birthday party -- and there are two local groups that will bring a petting zoo to you for the fun.

I found out about these places on Facebook, which is how every mom learns everything in the world there is to know.

First up is the WNY Tiny Petting Zoo, which "inspires guests by bringing them up close and personal with our tiny farm animals," for up to two hours for a party, according to their website.

Animals in the Tiny Zoo include Frosty the hen, Nibbles the lop bunny, Sugar the goat and more.

The Mini Ark Zoo is another option for parties in Western New York. Located in Wayne County near Rochester, they have a wide assortment of animals to make a house birthday party go on the wild side of things.

The Mini Ark Zoo boasts alpacas, pot-bellied pigs, pygmy goats, a blue and gold macaw, a rainbow lorikeet, skinks, owls, and more.

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