The next time you get a cup of coffee, there may be an added bonus that comes with it that you may not have expected. In at least one case, it could be the start of a great romance!

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According to the story and video from TikTok, this message was written under the cup: “Careful, you’re extremely hot.” The poster noted “No you just didn’t starbucks steve? WTF

In 2020, dating and finding a person to date can be a challenge! Social distancing and doing things virtually has cut back on the ways you meet someone. This barista saw an opportunity and took a chance.

Our kids can't go by a Starbucks without begging us to stop for cake pop. If you have never had one, they are just that. A piece of cake, shaped like a ball with icing on it, and placed on a stick! They have become addicted to them! I truly believe that our three boys think that Starbucks is actually called cake pops.

But for this TikTok user, it was the message that was the sweetest part of her trip to get her coffee. Normally it is just a win if they get your name correct on the cup!

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