Amazing Ski Chalet For Sale In Ellicottville

If you are going skiing this year in Holiday Valley or anywhere around EllicottVille, and want the ultimate comfort and luxury in a place to stay, check out this house that’s for sale!

When it comes to ski lodges, this may be the ultimate. It has a gorgeous garage and a work out area and you just can’t beat the living room and fireplace.

Sure, not everyone has $1 million. But what if you were to join forces with a bunch of other people who love to ski? This may also be a money making opportunity as it could be the greatest Airbnb for skiers in EllicottVille.

Now that the border is open and Canadians can come in and out of the United States, Ellicottville is going to be picking up in terms of business. Once the snow starts to fly, it will be the destination of 2021 and 22. since the beginning of the pandemic, my guess is that the ski resorts have missed that portion of revenue from Canadian skiers. That is about to change once lake effect machine and the cold air allow them to use their snow guns at the ski resorts.

Check out the photos of this house! It is incredible and like my mother-in-law has always told us, dreams are free. Unless of course you do have the cash to put down to grab this amazing piece of real estate.

The forecast calls for some wet snow over the higher elevations around town this weekend. It will get people in the mood for some skiing for sure!

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