Congratulations to 17 year old Jake Hunter Maurer who harvested a 17 point buck on opening day of archery season on Saturday, October 15, 2011. Jake lives in Bergen in genesee County and was hunting in Bergen when he took this buck. Jake was hunting alone late Saturday under less than ideal conditions when this particular deer came through and offered about a 20 yard shot. After shooting the deer, he recovered his arrow and went home for an hour. He then returned with his dad and a friend to help him track it. They found the buck about 80 yards from where Jake shot. Upon taking the deer to the taxidermist, they realized that it weighed about 200 pounds and will be providing the Maurer family with many meals this Winter. The buck will also most likely be a New York State record holder. Kudos to Jake Hunter Maurer on taking the trophy of a lifetime. Most deer hunters will never take anything close to this.