I don’t have any tattoos. I have trouble committing to a pair of shoes in the morning; committing to something that would stay on my body for the rest of my life would be impossible. Maybe that’s why I’m in awe of movie tattoos, and the lengths some folks go to to show their love of film. Forever! You’ve got to be a pretty big fan of a movie to plaster it across your chest for eternity. What if your tastes change? When I was 14, I was really into Police Academy. Can you imagine if 20 years later my wife woke up every morning to this etched into my back?

I couldn’t find any Police Academy tattoos online. (Unfortunately; where are my Lt. Harris fans at?!?) But you name just about any other famous movie under the sun and someone’s had something from it tattooed on their body and then posted the evidence online for all the world to admire. Google “movie tattoos” and you’ll fall down a deep internet search hole; there are slogan tattoos, logo tattoos, even tattoos of Kevin Smith’s face. (Sure, why not.) A few are crazy, some are hideous, but a lot of them are really impressive, and a few are downright inspired (The Die Hard one!)

In no particular order, and determined by nothing more scientific than my own taste, I’ve compiled 25 of the most incredible movie-inspired tattoos into the gallery above. I will not be getting any of them (except #4; that one’s happening), but I appreciate all of them.

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