NUMBER 1: Pepsi

This is awesome.

Pepsi knows thatthe best fans in the world are right here in Buffalo, New York.  So they decided to make a commercial with some of the biggest and most famous Buffalo Bills fans that we have. You will see some familiar faces like Pinto Ron, The Chefs, Brother Bill and some of the bills mafia babes all tell their stories about their claim to fames and why Buffalo New York is the best tailgating city in the whole United States.

Why is it "Good Luck Pepsi"?

Bill's fan brother bill Told the story of one game the Buffalo Bills were not doing too hot, so he went to the concession stand, chugged a Pepsi came back and the bills turned it around and won the game. From that day forward he's been doing it every single game and that's why he calls it "Good Luck Pepsi".

Pepsi decided to give out 7,160 bottles of their Pepsi Zero Sugar. All you have to do is BUY a bottle of Pepsi Zero Sugar, text BILLS to 81234 to submit your receipt and they will give you your money back.

NUMBER 2: Amazon

While we have not seen the commercial yet, the Bills Mafia was needed in a big way. Amazon wanted the Bills fans for a commercial that they were doing and even paid each one of them a nice lump sum of $1,100! A table jumper? A super fan? Little League Football players? Check, check and check. All right here in Western New York.

NUMBER 3: Budweiser

"Well let me tell you the Bills are the best team in the NFL".

Even when the Buffalo Bills weren't the best, or even close, nobody could deny that the Bills fans 'have never lost a tailgate'.

The Bud commercial is just too good: "5 division titles in 6 years. They practically invented the no-huddle offense. They don't need bandwagon jumpers like you. let's GO BUFFALO". Remember this one? 

The Buffalo Bills will take on the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Halloween at Highmark Stadium after absolutely manhandling the Dolphins in week 2. The Bills won the first meeting of 2021 by a score of 35 to 0. You also may see a familiar face return to Buffalo on Sunday. Local kid, Jake Dolegala who went to St. Joe's for high school has been signed to his latest National Football team, the Miami Dolphins.

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