Buffalo is usually on fire lately--named top places to eat in America, top places for a getaway in the United States, downtown is booming, the Bills just got into the playoffs and there is a lot of look forward to for another fun Summer in Western New York.

But, sometimes we have to be real and realize not everything is fine and dandy and I think you'll agree.

So, here are the 3 things that stink in Buffalo right now.


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    The Sabres

    My God.

    Everyone's fed up. The fans, the coaches, the GM, the players. They've been booed more times then I can count this year, General Manager Jason Botterill slammed the press box door in anger so loud that the media is still commenting about it and for crying out loud.

    ...17 wins. That's it.

    Trading off with Arizona for Dead. Last. Place. in the league this week. Sound familiar?

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    The Potholes

    Are we on a horrible wooden rollercoaster or are we trying to just drive down Walnut Road in Lockport? They're getting fixed, but man can they cause some damage.

    Two of my tires got blown out by potholes and it's seriously a pain in the butt (ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE'S ONLY ONE SPARE TIRE lol)

    If you live in Erie County, though, they may pay for it. Here's the website for you to check out.


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    Tops filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy officially to stay alive. They need to stay competitive--price wise, dine-in wise, organic wise--it's what's in and what's working, but they are nearly in 720 million dollars in debt and they had to take measures.

    What does this mean for us? As of now, they say nobody is losing a job or pay and no stores are closing.

    Only time will tell.

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