There’s always some less-than-thrilling things that happen each week, whether it’s across the country, down to Music City in Nashville, or right here in our WNY backyards.

This week, country music was pumping out the ugly news left and right. Here’s this week’s rundown.

  • 1

    Jake Owen Gets His Finger Chopped Off

    I got a cut on my head this week and have a scar on my forehead and somehow resemble Harry Potter. But at least I still have my head.

    Jake Owen, who;s been in the "Ugly" roundup for the past three weeks, got in a go-karting accident weeks ago, and his wounds didn't heal right, so doctors said, "Off with your fingers".

    Jake is not as much worried about not holding his guitar as much as he is concerned about not being able to hold his daughter.

  • 2

    Obama Forgets Byron Brown's Name During Speech

    President Obama visited Buffalo August 22 and talked about higher education out at UB. The place was packed with people who were able to get a free ticket (or pay up to $350 from Craigslist), but they all got to witness a very awkward moment.

    Horribly awkward.

    I have nothing more to say.


    Watch it now.

  • 3

    The Beer Alcohol Content Going Up

    The only thing ugly about this is the things I will do after I consume these more-alcohol-ridden beers.

    Miller and Bud have new beers coming out that will be nearly 7 percent alcohol rather than the usually 4.2 percent. Imagine the things that are going to happen. Good idea or bad idea?

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  • 4

    Miranda Lambert Sent Blake Shelton To Rehab

    Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are the Tim and Faith of country music right now. Consequently, they are all over the tabloids.

    The latest: “Miranda Lambert sent Blake Shelton to rehab for drinking”.

    But Blake says the only place Miranda sent him...was the liquor store.

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  • 5

    Kelly Clarkson Calls Off Her Wedding

    Kelly Clarkson had plans for a huge, elaborate wedding. Blake Shelton was going to officiate. Stars were going to be there. It was going to be perfect. I even made Kelly a guide of things she should do before she gets married.

    But, she called it off.

    They're eloping.

    Maybe she's worried about what Clive Davis would say this time when he realizes he wasn't invited.

  • 6

    Chris Young's Leg Infection

    Chris Young was days away from pulling a Jake Owen. But on his leg.

    Late last week, Chris had a weird feeling n his leg. Friends suggested he go to the doctor and later found out that he had a big infection.

    It was a bacterial infection, and doctors performed emergency surgery to remove the infection after he began to go into septic shock.

    Chris is home and stable and will hit the road again with Brad Paisley.

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