Is it 2021 yet? 2020 has been...difficult, to say the least. I don't think anyone will miss this year when it's gone. Not in Buffalo, anyway. We've gone through a lot. We've accepted that this is how things are, for the time being, we've adapted, and we've made the best of things. Because that's what we do. When the going gets tough, Buffalonians push forward.

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It's safe to say we missed out on some of our favorite events this summer. From the concerts at Art Park to watching the Buffalo Bisons at Sahlen Field (although having the Blue Jays in town was kinda cool, even if we couldn't watch the games). We missed out on a lot. But, as we move into fall there are plenty of activities to take advantage of, some of which you may have never experienced before! Now's a great time to take a fall adventure and broaden your horizons with one of the many activities that haven't been canceled. Here are seven to get you started.


7 Fall Activities That Haven't Been Canceled

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