Hopefully, everybody out there in WNY had a fun weekend.  The Bills slammed the Chiefs and the weather was pretty nice for the most part.  I'm sure tons of beer was consumed ( I mean it was Kickoff Weekend 2011).  For me on Sunday, it was Boddington brew- ( Oh what do I think...I'm fancy ha?....Nope, just wanted to taste finer hops on this special weekend)

Anyway....I found this article in the Wall Street Journal Online...( Of course, I'm not that sophisticated and outdated that I order copies of the paper to my house)......"8 Beers Americans No Longer Drink". I'll give you the list and my perspective, being a bartender in north Buffalo.

The article says that the beers to be mentioned have had a decrease in sales from 2006-2010 due to the "lo-cal" drinking revolution.  People are opting for the less taste, less filling, lite and ultra lite beers.  So here goes!


#8- Budweiser- Sales have decreased by 30% over that 4 year period.  Josh's Take- I still serve a lot of this beer, it's the hard-workin', blue-collar American man's beer!  It's also the easiest name of a beer to say when you've had way too many!!


#7- Milwaukee's Best Light- The name says it all- Yuckity Yuck Yuck.  This brew lost 34% in sales over the 4 year period.  Josh's Take- I don't know who buys this or any bar that would serve it.


#6- Miller Genuine Draft- 51% loss over 4 years.  MGD's best year was in 1992 when it sold 7.1 million barrels.  Josh's Take- I'm not opposed to a good MGD once in a while, heck I'll even indulge in a High Life here and there.


#5- Old Milwaukee- Sales down 52%...produced by Pabst Brewing Company (by the way, PBR is gross too) Josh's Take- Let's start with the name....If you want somebody to drink your beer....Take the word "Old" out of it!!!  Look at the whiskey "Old Grand Dad"---Gross, nobody drinks it anymore.


#4- Milwaukee's Best-down 53% in sales.  Josh's Take- Can we stop already, we understand no one likes any of Milwaukee's beers.  Best, Light, Old, Skunky, Sewer Water, Sewer Water Lite


#3- Bud Select- down 60% in sales between 2006-2010! It contains 99 calories per can.  Rapper Jay-Z even endorsed it.  Josh's Take- I believe a lot of bars may still sell this....only because it provides variety for all the lite beer drinkers.


#2- Michelob Light- down 64%...Ouch!  Introduced in 1978 to combat Miller Lite in the mid-70's. Josh's Take- The only Michelob that will ever cross these lips is occasionally an Ultra.  I only drink "thin-people beers" when I know I'm going to have a full day of eating...or if I'm not in the drinking mood.


#1- Michelob- down 72%...Yikes!   Josh's Take- If your losing 72%, STOP MAKING IT!!   NOBODY LIKES IT...LOL