It may be time for East Aurora to get another supermarket. When you consider the growth that the 14052 zip code has seen and the boom in the towns surrounding it, an argument can be made that there is a need for more options for groceries in that area.

As of now, East Aurora has a Tops store in the village. Although it is a convenient store to shop in, a larger store could be a benefit to shoppers. It could be a larger Tops store or perhaps it is time for a competitor to come in to East Aurora. There are a few options that might be a good fit.

New East Aurora Supermarket?

I grew up ion East Aurora and was in high school('95) when the village and town were debating Walmart coming to East Aurora. While I definitely appreciate the history and traditions of East Aurora, I also can see the need for options for shoppers. Those who live in South Wales, Holland, West Falls, Colden or Elma would have a closer grocery option than driving to other places to shop and taking their money away from East Aurora.

East Aurora has some excellent small businesses and sure one of the best towns to walk around. I think that there can be a good relationship between small business and stores like Tops, Wegman's, Whole Foods or Market in the Square. All of these stores have blend well in villages around East Aurora. After one shopping trip to the current Tops in East Aurora, it is clear that a larger option would be a success.

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