So a couple months ago we offered WYRK listeners a chance to propose on stage at this year's Taste of Country, and that's how we found Zach. Opportunity to profess your love in front of 26,000 country fans? Who wouldn't want to, right?

But, we had to keep it a secret! It's no fun if she knows it's we had to tell a little fib. Zach told his girlfriend Renee that they had won a contest to get up on stag to throw t-shirts the Taste of Country--a cool opportunity, a chance to hang out backstage, still a great prize.

So when they went out there to throw t-shirts...well, here's what happened:

CONGRATULATIONS to Zach and Renee, we're so happy we could make this happen! A special thanks to Paul's Jewelry Designs for helping provide the ring as well.

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