A rush-hour accident near the university at buffalo north campus has traffic backed up for miles on Millersport Highway in Amherst.

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While people are on their way home on Friday afternoon are running into some traffic issues with this accident. According to reports we've received from drivers in the area, cars are already being redirected from the corner of Millersport Highway and Flint Road, between the I-290 interchange and Maple Road.

Police, Firefighters, and paramedics are all on the scene sorting out what has happened and treating any injuries.

There is a blue hatchback that is in the northbound land of Millersport Highway but is turned around and facing south-east with a considerable amount of damage on its passenger side. All of the vehicle's airbags were deployed. There is an ambulance also adjacent to the vehicle to treat injuries.

There is also a tow truck on the scene to clear any damaged vehicles once police and accident investigators are done clearing the area.

Traffic along Millersport Highway, Flint Road, and Maple Road has been slowed by this accident. In fact, northbound traffic on Millersport is being diverted east and/or west onto Flint Road. If you're traveling in the area, please use caution and try your best to avoid rubbernecking.

I remember accidents in this area being pretty common back in my college days with cars speeding to merge onto Millersport from the 290, and then get over to make the turn onto Flint to get into UB, or cars in the far left lane trying to get over to the right to make it to Maple Road.

I hope the driver and any passengers that were involved are ok.

Photo's from Accident on Millersport and Flint near UB

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