Going to the movies isn't cheap anymore.  When you go, it's more for the overall experience than for the movie itself, and moviegoers in the southern tier are about to get a major experience upgrade.

According to The Olean Time Herald, in 2014, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. was planning on spending $600 million to place recliner seating in 1,800 of its nearly 5,000 theaters nationwide over five years.

Those changes have already begun for the AMC Classic Allegany 8.  They have already replaced many of the seats in their theaters, a project that began in November and is scheduled to be finished by the end of the month.

“These renovations are completely changing the way our guests experience moviegoing nationwide and we are excited to bring these features to our guests in Allegany,” -Kimberly Sanden, corporate communications coordinator for the Kansas-based AMC Theaters.

If you've never watched a movie in one of these seats, you've got to give it a try.  It really is a whole new experience.  Along with the new seats comes the option for reserve seating, online ticketing, and ticketless entry.

It's amazing!  They're super comfortable.  Now the only thing you have to be concerned with is drifting off while the movie is on!

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