If you are a fan of the old school drink menu at McDonald's, there is good news as a return of a classic is on the horizon!

I am almost embarrassed to say that I was very excited when I heard the news! We take the boys for a Happy Meal every now and again and my order always is the orange drink.But it has not been the same since Hi-C was removed.

Do you remember the old school orange drinks that cafeterias used to serve? You could get a white or chocolate milk or an orange drink and for me, it was the orange drink every time!

So what is our family's order when we get McDonald's? No matter what, there is at least two Happy Meals on the list and mom always has to have a small order of french fries and I go with the two cheeseburger combo. The problem is, we are not even out of the parking lot and most of the fries are gone. I have no idea how people have the control to wait until they get to their house to eat McDonald's.

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