Losing a game on a final kick is always gut-wrenching, losing a playoff game that way can redefine a franchise but it doesn't have to be bad...just ask us Bills fans.

If you utter the words "Wide Right" anywhere around Western New York, I guarantee you that someone will groan and said the Bills should have won SuperBowl XXV.

It didn't happen and the player that should have been the goat Scott Norwood received a thunderous ovation during the post SuperBowl rally in Downtown Buffalo.

You see...we could have placed the blame on Norwood, his teammates could have blamed him but the city and the players didn't. We embraced him.

Yes...it would have been great to win that Superbowl, but that loss bright the Bills closer together and make the team bond stronger.

So yes Bears fans, while the loss to the Eagles will hurt, you can look forward to next year and hopefully a strong bonded team that will play tougher and meaner knowing how much that last second loss hurts.

Good Luck next year and I am calling it...A Buffalo vs Chicago Superbowl in 2020!

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