Anderson’s Frozen Custard, one of the sweetest places you can go, all got started up thanks to the sweet couple of Greta and Carl. 

Greta and Carl Anderson first opened the doors of Anderson’s Frozen Custard in the Bronx in 1946, just after World War II. This post-war period became an era of phenomenal economic growth, and many businesses first opened their doors during this time. 

However, a place like Anderson’s Frozen Custard was extra special, because while it started in the Bronx, it only took a year to move the business to Greta’s hometown of Buffalo, New York, according to WKBW.  

That first location in Western New York opened on Kenmore Avenue. 

Anderson’s Frozen Custard shared a tribute to Greta on their social media platforms. 

“Greta was an incredible inspiration to so many of us on the Anderson's team. We will carry her words of wisdom & reflect on her passionate heart. She was someone who could light up any room she entered. Her steadfast faith and encouragement she shared to us will not be forgotten.  She was very grateful to all of our teammates for carrying on the mission at Anderson's.”

Greta loved to share her favorite piece of advice to Anderson’s trainees, “No matter what, just smile!”

Next time you share a smile at Anderson’s, remember Greta and her husband Carl’s legacy. 

Thank you for bringing one of the best establishments to Western New York. 

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