Now is the season, if you have kids in school, that you will be sent home a note to order a yearbook.

Now that my son Avry is a Freshman, I can't believe how expensive these things are!

He goes to Sweet Home High School and his yearbook is $74! In my mind that is crazy!

I know growing up I always had a yearbook but I can tell you that for the past 25 years I have not looked at one until this morning to get the picture for this blog. (BTW big shout out to the West Seneca East Senior High Class of 95!)

Does my son who is a FRESHMAN really need a yearbook? Most of his friends already message on his phone or in Snapchat. To me, a yearbook doesn't have the same vibe as it did when I grew up?

Plus it is $74 DOLLARS!!!

Do you plan on getting your kid a yearbook?


Do You Plan On Ordering A Yearbook For Your Kid(s)

Yes, Of Course
No, I'm not paying for it
Yes..But they are paying for it


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