Nothing says winter like a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  But where do you go to get the best there is in Western New York?

Picture's a freezing cold day.  The sun is out, but it doesn't seem to be helping much.  You're just a kid.  You've spent all day outside.  You've been ice skating, or sledding.  The only thing that's touching the air is your face, and even that is partially covered by a scarf.

Your mom calls you to come inside to eat some lunch and to warm up for a bit, so you run to the door.  It takes about 20 minutes to get out of the snowsuit that you're in and you can't wait because you can smell it already.  It's a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  It's hot and delicious and there are a ridiculous amount of marshmallows floating on top.  If it's not marshmallows it's whipped cream.

For you, it's the best cup of hot chocolate that you've ever had.

Now that you're an adult, just the smell of a good cup of hot chocolate can bring you back to that day.  You can feel how cold out it was.  You remember how great it felt to take that first sip, as long as you didn't burn your lips and tongue.

So now that your mom isn't making hot chocolate for you on a normal basis, where do you go to get that feeling again?  Who has the best hot chocolate in Western New York?  I went to facebook to ask you, and these were the suggestions that I got for the best hot chocolate in Western New York.

Who did we miss?

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