We are full speed ahead with soup season 2023.  If you're looking for a great place to get a bowl or a cup, here are some of Buffalo's best.

There's something about soup

There is something about comfort foods like soup that can actually transport you to a certain time or place in your life.  Whether that bowl of soup reminds you of something that you had on a cold winter day while you were at your grandma's house or at a restaurant while you were on a date with the person who became your husband or wife.  It brings back memories and feelings that are like a warm blanket. Sometimes it's just the smell that can take you there.

Soup is good for you too!

There's a reason why the "Chicken Soup for Your Soul" books were so popular.  The books were good for your mind.  Soup can actually be good for your body.  The ones that are packed with vegetables and protein can really almost heal you when you're sick.

It's hard to find someone who doesn't like soup

The thing about soup is that there are so many different kinds.  Some people love brothy soups like chicken noodle, vegetable, or beef barley.  Others like their soup creamy.  They're the ones who love cream of musroom soup, broccoli cheddar, or here in Buffalo, the Buffalo chicken wing soup that has become a standard at restaurants.

Sometimes you'll hear someone say something like "I don't really like soup, but I'll eat (enter any soup here)."

So where do you go for great soup here in Buffalo?  I asked this question on facebook and here are some of the answers I got:

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